Grounding to Grow – workshop

Grounding to Grow – Workshop

Sunday 7th February 2021, 9:30 – 13:30
(including breaks for refreshing, self processing, rest).

Hi everyone,

This is a re-scheduled workshop from last year (postponed due to social distancing regulations), which I now offer online. Perhaps this is an opportunity for those of you who had to ‘miss out’ on the original date?;-)

In this workshop we will explore the fundamental principal of grounding to support movement on earth. We will connect to our foundations and find mobility and strength. Attention will be directed to our feet and to where else we can ground from.

By aligning with sensitivity to contact with the ground we find out how it is useful and also organise the whole of ourselves with improved posture, ease of movement, range and flow.

For inspiration I’m sending you to spend few minutes with the gorgeous baby Liv: click here.

Email me to book.
Fee: £45

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