Feldenkrais News – FIs and ATMs

From 2nd December I’m able to offer one-to-one lessons (Functional Integration) along side the online group classes that are running via Zoom since March (details below).

Functional Integration – one-to-one lessons

I’d be offering FIs at Santosa (21 Albert St, EH7 5LH), who have beautifully prepared the premises of the Sanctuary to welcome therapists and clients according to the Scottish Government guidelines and with keeping with social distancing and hygiene.

My FI practice is mainly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays though I have some availability also on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

Just email me with your preferred times and I’ll do my best to slot you in.

Just to remind you that Functional Integration is the one-to-one aspect of the Feldenkrais Method. These are hands on individual lessons that can support developing awareness to your specific organisation/use of yourself/self-perception that might contribute to the issues you are considered with. The hands on lesson will also open new possibilities for you and widen your range towards healing and wellbeing.

Functional Integration also feels good!!! you are likely to come out feeling more refreshed/relaxed/re-set/ready for life. So you can try FI at any time you need some re-tuning and feel good session.

What to expect at your appointment:

  • Wear masks, wash hands or use the available hand sanitisers.
  • Room and equipment are aired and sanitised between clients.
  • Registration at front desk for NHS contact tracing.
  • Electronic payments are preferred (by BACS). Cash payments will be accepted if given to me in an envelope.
  • When possible I will ask you to email me with information concerning your appointment prior to our meeting.
  • no cancellation fee for missed or cancelled appointments due to the coronavirus.
  • I will expect you to contact me If you or anyone in your household develops coronavirus symptoms within 7 days of our last appointment.


My standard fee is £50 per session.

I offer concession fee of £45 to those who take my ATM classes and I offer sliding scale concessions (£40-£35) for those who are struggling financially due to pandemic. 

Please pay what you can to support my concession offerings. 

Hands-Free Functional Integration

For those of you who are at distance or prefer to shield at these times of pandemic, but really need the extra support and help with your somatic learning to improve and heal – I am offering ‘Hands-Free’ Functional Integration via Zoom.

If you would like to explore one-to-one zoom sessions with me, then please email me to discuss.

Sessions will be between 45 minutes to 1 hour and my starting fee is: £20 per session.

Email me to book.

One thing we all had to learn and practice this year is to adapt! 

I am inspired by ‘Letter from the Editor’ Shona Lee of Feldenkrais Australia publication, who talks about Feldenkrais theory and practice as based on the idea of organic learning: “With learning as a continuum, each day’s experience builds towards whatever you’re aspiring for/developing. If you can keep the aim in sight despite the daily demands and distractions, new insights might emerge from unexpected places (or pandemics!) that inform the way your heartfelt ideas eventually get realised.”

As a practitioner, I am hoping to be able to explore, learn, adapt and realise a new vision for FIs to support others closely or distantly and to deepen the somatic learning experience in this movement-based work of self-exploration. 

Group classes – Awareness Through Movement (Zoom)

Mondays 18:30
Wednesdays 13:00
Thursdays 18:45

Pandemic has hit hard some of us so I am offering a sliding scale:

6 classes – £72, (or concession: £54)
10 classes – £115
12 classes – £132

Buying in advance a package of classes means you can take as many classes per week or skip a week as you wish/need.

Contact me to join. Once paid, I will send you the zoom links.

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