Multimedia, site specific, dance performance, incorporating video projection, sculptural forms and dance choreography, it creates intriguing layers of visual stimuli and challenges concepts of perceptions of reality.

Reflections 1
Reflections 2
Merav Israel - Reflections
Merav Israel - Reflections

Reflections explores continuity of events through separated spaces created by the video screens. The dance flows between the 2 sections of the space, appearing and disappearing from the viewer’s eye, or appearing again as shadow or reflection. The audience is invited to experience how they observe and make sense of what they see. The video, movement and sound integrate into an organic flow of form, rhythm, relationships and visual elegance.

Reflections take off the perspective of frontal view. The audience stand, sit or walk around the performance space and by that they each form their own experience of the work. The video projection activates the whole space and the audience experience the event from within the space rather than looking at it from a distance and from one frontal point of view.

Reflections encourages immersion in a magical world where the whole appears in its multiple layers and its 3 dimension and kinetic quality.

Past performances:
Women’s International Day 2011 at Tramway, Glasgow.’Journeys’ multi-cultural event by Italian Cultural Institute at Assembly Roxy 2014.

Director/choreographer: Merav Israel
Video: Monika Smekot
Music: Kimmo Pohjonen

Contact me to book Reflections in your venue/festival.
Length: 30 minutes
Space: 8x10m (minimum)
Audience in a round

Audience response

Really beautiful the setting… the interface where everything connects and separates at the same time. Human forms blending into nature.

…there is something inside the curved movements, like a secret unfolding.

Your eyes can’t be bored as always there is a new thing coming in.

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