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2024 Feldenkrais classes

It’s a good moment to join the Awareness Through Movement online classes as we are making a new start in January 2024. What it is:Awareness Through Movement are 1 hour lessons in the Feldenkrais Method that are unique somatic movement explorations that are not only designed to help you improve coordination of … Read more

Feldenkrais workshops Sep-Dec 2023

Movement explorations, clearer anatomy, developing awareness and sense of possibility and choice are at the heart of these workshops that inspire to help you get to know yourself better, move with ease and with pleasure This Autumn I offer the following workshops on topics that will continue, develop, enrich, integrate … Read more


Summer workshops and more

Do you remember the experience of something fragile unfolding and then totally present in it’s wholeness? Or perhaps you are new to Feldenkrais and would like to give it a go? Perhaps you have experienced something like that in past Feldenkrais Method classes or workshops or FIs, where we patiently explore slow … Read more

Feldenkrais classes, one-to-one sessions & weekend workshops Jan-March23

Moshe Feldenkrais said: “Every individual has the ability to acquire through his experience, in his own environment, the means necessary for his successful survival” In the Feldenkrais classes/workshops/individual sessions we lean into this inner ability to learn and improve, so that we can reach our potential to move with greater ease, … Read more

Weekend workshops

4 weekend mini-workshops till the end of this year. Workshops are 2 hours each with the possibility to socialise after at the cafe at the venue with drinks or brunch.  Giving ourselves some time on Saturday morning to connect with ourselves with ease and compassion, with a sense of curiosity and … Read more

Merav Israel -

Feldenkrais classes 2022

Fresh new start of group classes in the new year will (re)commence in February 2022. You can already sign up so you’ll have the links to join the online weekly classes. In Awareness Through Movement classes we learn to listen and perceive sensations and feelings and to stay close to … Read more

Grounding to Grow – workshop

Grounding to Grow – Workshop Sunday 7th February 2021, 9:30 – 13:30(including breaks for refreshing, self processing, rest). Hi everyone, This is a re-scheduled workshop from last year (postponed due to social distancing regulations), which I now offer online. Perhaps this is an opportunity for those of you who had … Read more

Feldenkrais News – FIs and ATMs

From 2nd December I’m able to offer one-to-one lessons (Functional Integration) along side the online group classes that are running via Zoom since March (details below). Functional Integration – one-to-one lessons I’d be offering FIs at Santosa (21 Albert St, EH7 5LH), who have beautifully prepared the premises of the Sanctuary to welcome … Read more

Feldenkrais® classes on Zoom

“If we could loosen the grip we have on the mechanical view of our own bodies and the body of the world, many other possibilities might come to light.” Thomas Moore Awareness Through Movement® classes offer a refreshing approach to ourselves, to movement, to exercise, to our perception of ourselves … Read more

Feldenkrais workshops – March/April 2020

Length and lightnessSunday 15 March 2020, 10:30 – 14:00In this workshop we will connect with our ability to lengthen and find the experience that will allow us to move with more ease and grace. By using our core and spine we will not only support our back better but also … Read more

Feldenkrais Classes 2020

I listen   to meI sense   from the insideI feel my contact with the floor   andconnect     with my ability to let go                           to trust                           to receive  … Read more

Classes & Workshop – Autumn19

Awareness Through Movement classesMondays 18:30 – 19:307/10/19 – 9/12/19@ Stockbridge House, 2 Cheyne St. Edinburgh£110Wednesdays 13:00 – 14:009/10/19 – 11/12/19@ Santosa, 21 Albert St. Edinburgh£110 *£200 for 2 classes per week Movement pathways – workshopSunday 17th November 201910:30 – 13:30@ G25, St. Margaret’s House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh£50Finding ease and … Read more

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