Site-specific installation dance performance inspired by haiku, Zen calligraphy and gardens.

Weaving poems, movement and objects enso attempts to touch the subtle inner experience of reality while creating an eerie atmosphere of suspension in time.

During the Edinburgh Fringe 2010 enso was performed in 3 different places (Dance Base, Edinburgh Royal Botanical Gardens & Dovecot Studios), exploring how contrasting spaces affect the experience of the piece.

Director/choreographer: Merav Israel
Dancers: Rosalind Masson, Monika Smekot, Monica De Ioanni, Merav Israel
Music: various artists & arrangement and composition by Nik Paget Tomlinson

enso 1
enso 2

Audience response

Moving, affirming, tender, exciting, beautiful…

Another event in which we are being encouraged to slow down and reflect. Thank you.

Refreshing…thought provoking…complex as life itself.


Everything – the soundscape, the “calligraphy” of (choreographer’s) concepts, the immersion of her dancers in the choreography – came together in one exquisite whole.

The Herald, Mary Brennan, 2010

LaNua have opened the gates to a garden of peaceful tranquillity and reflection(…) In weightless and graceful moves, the dancers’ embody a time-serenity that you also find yourself trapped within(…). For 30 minutes you are lost, and like the stones hanging from the banisters, ‘suspended’ in time.

The Skinny, Zoë Keown, 2010

Merav Israel’s choreography for enso flows naturally, with a dream-like feel where the meaning is tantalisingly just out of reach(…). The achievement of LaNua’s work is that it all feels satisfyingly ‘right’. It is rare to leave a dance performance feeling both refreshed and uplifted.

Northings, Jennie Macfie, 2012
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