Past Projects

Coming to Our Senses 2007

Collaboration between Merav Israel and Moti Zemelman which took place during residency at Dance Base with a group of international dancers.

We explored working outdoors and in site specific in and around the Grassmarket area in Edinburgh. The residency culminated in a site specific improvised performance devised with and performed by the group.

Mid-day to Mid-night Duet (2004-5, 2007-8 and ongoing)

Devised as a 12 hour happening during Edinburgh Festival Fringe where dancers are engaged in chains of duets performed in gallery space with windows open to the street and viewed by passers by.

Performers were both professionals and non professionals which creates a very lively mix with fun and engaging moments.

Each year we collaborated with different visiting dance artists, improvisers who co-led workshops. the events also included collaboration with Aaron McCloskey who lead a twelve hour collaborative art exhibition in the performance space and together we created 24 hour event in the gallery.

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