Weekend workshops

4 weekend mini-workshops till the end of this year. Workshops are 2 hours each with the possibility to socialise after at the cafe at the venue with drinks or brunch. 

Giving ourselves some time on Saturday morning to connect with ourselves with ease and compassion, with a sense of curiosity and acceptance can set the mood for the whole weekend and the workweek ahead.

You can take each workshop individually or as many as you like as a series.

Saturday 20 August 2022
Saturday 15 October 2022
Saturday 12 November 2022
Saturday 17 December 2022

Venue: Santosa, 21 Albert st, Edinburgh EH7 5LH

Each workshop: £25

Workshop description:
Better Walking
Each workshop will focus on aspects of improving walking:
Shifting weight for better walking, extending for better walking, hip joints for better walking, roll/role of the feet in better walking…
Improving the way you walk is not only for walking but has significance to the way we feel, organise ourselves in space, ignite neuroplasticity and more.
Our gait, the way we walk is unique to us and has something to do with coordination of the body as a whole. As we explore and improve standing, turning, balance, stepping, you’ll experience a new sense of ease in your everyday movements.

Contact me to book.

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