Workshops – NY2018

These monthly weekend workshops are an opportunity to spend some time going deeper into guided movement explorations and sequences in the Feldenkrais Method to help you find more ease and possibilities in your movement, breath, calmness, strength, and concentration.
Each workshop has a specific focus, however, all workshops are connecting to the whole of the self in sensing, thinking and moving and work towards reaching optimal mobility with ease and elegance.
To book, contact me.

Twist and Turn
Sunday 14/1/18
10:00 – 13:00
Twisting and turning well requires much more than just that. Working towards better turning involves freeing the neck and spine, gathering length, reaching out into space and much more. In this workshop we will engage and discover parts of ourselves that maybe had been forgotten for too long…

Eyes, Balance and Space
Sunday 25/2/18
10:00 – 13:00
The eyes are such a fascinating organ of perception and their function in standing, walking, orienting in space is usually overlooked. This workshop will help to ease unnecessary tension in the eyes, which will also resolve other tensions held elsewhere. This deep resolve will help to calm the mind and body, improve sleep and relaxation and at the same time you will find clarity and brightness in your actions.

Flexible Hips and Back
Sunday 18/3/18
10:00 – 13:00
Who wouldn’t want flexible hips? to sit crossed legged, to bend down properly, to walk lightly…
A worthwhile exploration…

Place: Stockbridge House, 2 Cheyne st, Edinburgh, EH4 1JB

Cost & Special offer*: One workshop £50 (£45 conc.), 2 workshops (£90), 3 Workshops (£130)
* Special offer is only valid for booking more than one workshop in advance.

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