Feldenkrais 2019

Awareness Through Movement® classesMondays from 14/1/19 to 25/3/19, 6.30 – 7.30pm@ Stockbridge House, 2 Cheyne St. Edinburgh£120 Wednesdays from 16/1/19 to 27/3/19, 1- 2pm@ Santosa, 21 Albert St. Edinburgh£120 WorkshopsWorkshop 1:From Feldenkrais to YogaWhen: Sunday 24/2/19, 10:30 – 13:30Where: Santosa, 21 Albert st. EdinburghCost: £50Who is it for: everyone is … Read more

Workshops Oct-Dec18

Feldenkrais workshops this Autumn to delve deeper into the method, the practice, the growing sense of self. From Feldenkrais to Yoga workshopThis workshop opens the opportunity to directly experience how Feldenkrais work can support movement and yoga practices.We’ll take time to develop connections and expand range in gentle and yet … Read more

Feldenkrais classes Autumn18

Awareness Through Movement® classesThe Feldenkrais Method® You can now sign up to the weekly classes from September to December 2018. Taking the time for 1-2 classes a week is an opportunity to lie on the floor and let go of unnecessary strain, immerse in deep listening, emerge renewed, and with … Read more


BATCH:1A season of experimental dance and music performances Sunday August 19thDouble Bill: Merav Israel | James Wyness Starts 4pm This third event of the BATCH:1 season takes place over two venues. Performance 1: Fields (extract)A shifting arrangement of stonesMerav Israel presents a movement installation piece for two performers. PLEASE NOTEIf … Read more

Feldenkrais Method & Dance Improvisation

Embodiment. Awareness. Movement. WorkshopwithMerav Israel & Jackie Adkins Sunday 29 July 2018, 11:00 – 16:30 Jackie and Merav invite you on a journey of sensing, feeling, thinking and moving – exploring the new possibilities which arise as we pay close attention to our moving selves, others and the space around … Read more

Summer classes 2018

Mondays 11 June – 30 July, 18:30-19:30 @ Stockbridge HouseWednesdays 13 June – 1 August, 13:00 – 14:00 @ Santosa£88 (£80) Book your place in advance.

Summer workshops 2018

Summer workshops – The Feldenkrais Method Connecting Head to TailA healthy spine suggests connection and articulation from head to tail. Connecting between the two ends of the spine gives a clear sense of direction and power to movement and to being upright. You’ll find ease in movement and power for … Read more

Feldenkrais into Yoga

Feldenkrais into YogaGiving time to experience and possibilities through the method. This workshop opens the opportunity to directly experience how Feldenkrais work can support movement and yoga practices.I see it as a journey of discovery but also as a way to be in the dancing body, the moving body, the … Read more

Classes April-May18

Awareness Through Movement classes Mondays 9/4/18 – 28/5/1818:30 – 19:30@ Stockbridge House, 2 Cheyne st, EdinburghFee: £88 (£80) Wednesdays 11/4/18 – 30/5/1813:00 – 14:00@ Santosa, 21 Albert st, EdinburghFee: £88 (£80)[£160 for booking both]


New work developed and performed by Merav Israel and Claire Pençak with an interest in the small scale, the poetic and the art of paying attention. They explore ideas of emergence and presence as expressed through the body, within the space and between them.Summer hall Space residency.Summerhall Scratch Night – … Read more

Workshops – NY2018

These monthly weekend workshops are an opportunity to spend some time going deeper into guided movement explorations and sequences in the Feldenkrais Method to help you find more ease and possibilities in your movement, breath, calmness, strength, and concentration.Each workshop has a specific focus, however, all workshops are connecting to … Read more

Feldenkrais Classes-NY2018

Awareness Through Movement New schedule for 2018These classes are for everyone, at any level and for variety of inspirations…improving movementincreasing flexibilityraising awarenesspreventing injurieshealing from injuriesfinding balanceand much more… Monday Evening class8 January – 26 March 201818:30 – 19:30Stockbridge House2 Cheyne St, Edinburgh£130 (£120) Wednesday Lunchtime class10 January – 28 March 201813:00 – 14:00Santosa21 Albert St, … Read more

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