2024 Feldenkrais classes

It’s a good moment to join the Awareness Through Movement online classes as we are making a new start in January 2024.

What it is:
Awareness Through Movement are 1 hour lessons in the Feldenkrais Method that are unique somatic movement explorations that are not only designed to help you improve coordination of your whole self as a moving, thinking, imagining being but also harmonise the whole self for calmer, lighter, better aligned and more pleasurable day to day life and activities. 
It is designed to help you feel better, move better and understand yourself better.
We explore different aspects and functions such as breathing, ease of movement, flexibility, balance, repatterning, self-image, body awareness and more.

The online classes run weekly on Mondays 18:30 and Thursdays 19:00 with a new class each day. 
You can commit to arrive weekly to as many classes you like or arrive when you are available…. 
We start on Thursday 4th January 2024 (no class on 15&18/1/24)

How it works:
You buy in advance a package of 6,10 or 12 classes which enables you to commit to a weekly practice, however, you can skip from time to time as you wish.*

Please click here to book your package.

*you must spend your package within 6 months (from purchase).

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